Promotion of new products and services is taking new and modern forms. One of them is One Way Vision foil, which has wide commercial application, used not only by professional advertising providers but private users as well.

Foil is generally use for covering storefronts, windows or glass doors and car windows. One Way Vision foil can be also used as an eye-catching advertisement or as an original decoration.

Its structure allows us, on one hand to clearly see from outside the advertising information printed on the foil, and on the other hand to perceive the surrounding from the inside. The transparency of the foil on the glass is about 40%, which ensures high printing quality and at the same time very good visibility from the inside. One Way Vision is perfect for offices located on the lower floors and ground floors.

One Way Vision is also suitable for private use and it will be considered as a subtle protection of your home or car – no unauthorised person will be able to look through the window, therefore your private possessions are totally safe.

At your request we can print on the foil any chosen picture or single colour background.


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