Hanger is a type of hanging advertisement with a large, visible logo of the manufac-turer printed on soft paper or cardboard made fabric, or hard, made of metal or plas-tic fabric, for example. At Avatar we print hangers on modern light-tight and light-weight Foam.

Hangers are one of POS (point of sale) elements, also called POSM (point of sales materials). POS is a various kind of advertising that fulfils its marketing function di-rectly at the point of sale. Hangers are usually placed at the point of sale as rectan-gular panels hung under the ceiling or at high-level constructions parts. The board can be hung on a spring, line or a rope.
You can display your logo or product brand clearly visible on the hangers. It is pos-sible to design single-element or multi-element hanger to increase the size of the graphic data.
The main function of this type of advertising is to draw the customers’ attention to the product, to create brand awareness and to popularise Your logo, which is un-derstood as the most important part of the company’s visual identity. The logo is easy to spot just by placing it under the ceiling – so it can be seen from a great dis-tance.

Nowadays hangers play an integral part of visual advertising arrangements, mostly in such locations as banks, supermarkets, shops, car showrooms and other com-mercial venues, retail or chain stores.
This type of ads is directly related to Your point of sale, and is an effective way to hook your clients’ attention. It is estimated that almost 70% of consumers decisions to purchase goods or services is take at the very point of sale.


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