Floor stickers

One of the most modern methods of advertising at the point of sale are the floor stickers. Although they are still used up to some extent, they can be effectively used for advertising product or service because they still remain a novelty for the Client. Floor stickers can operate on both small or large surfaces, which is a great ad-vantage.
Floor stickers can be placed on floor panels, plain tiles or PVC coverings.
To ensure the safety of your customers, the floor stickers will be coated with anti-slip laminate, which can increase the durability of the stickers, making the advertise-ments resistant to washing, abrasion or weathering. Depending on the duration of the advertising campaign, we choose the right laminate, so that, throughout the ex-posure period, the stickers retain the original form and full colour range.

It is possible to cut out at your request any kind of shape of the stickers – arrows, strokes or any geometrical figures. Our graphic designers will be more than happy to help you choose the right shape and colour, so that your advertising sticker will attract the attention of your customers.


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