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Large format stickers

Large format stickers are the ability to quickly expose your services or products in a unique form on any smooth surface of your store, office, car. We specialize in large format stickers placed on store windows, windows, beauty salons and medical facilities. Thanks to modern plotters, the stickers have juicy colors and maintain their appearance for a long time, even in sunny places.

Large-format stickers are also often used in finishing the space, as the decoration of glass in the door, the label of sliding doors in wardrobes and entire walls in the form of wall murals. The sticker can be prepared from both a high quality photo as well as an individual project. Similar realizations are often found in restaurants and service outlets.

Large format stickers are also stickers on cars. Here, the correct selection of film, skillful application and fitting is crucial. Avatar Printing House can boast of many realizations in this area and high standard of workmanship.

Another function of the sticker are various types of exhibition panels, whose graphics are prepared either in the form of traditionally sticky stickers or so-called. magnetic stickers attached directly to the panels.

The most popular presentation of large format stickers are all kinds of lighting systems, such as panels or panels.

The biggest advantage of large format stickers is low cost, no color or tonal restrictions, in relation to the spectacular effect in which the product is presented.

Large format stickers are:

  • quick and convenient marking of internal and external spaces
  • aesthetic and artistic decorations of internal and external surfaces
  • aesthetic and creative form of presentation of services and products (key-visual)
  • cheap and easily changeable marketing campaign


Types of large format stickers

  • large format stickers
  • labels and labels for packaging and products
  • backlit
  • magnetic stickers
  • OWV stickers
  • car stickers
  • Wall stickers
  • floor stickers
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