Advertising posters are one of the most popular forms of visual advertising. They provide fast, efficient and relatively cheap access to potential customers. To meet your needs, we print in any size, from standard A4 to large format prints up to 150 cm wide and in any length desirable. That is why we are able to fulfil every order possible that is an advertising poster.
We offer:
+ solvent printing – for small outlays but large formats;
+ digital printing – for small outlays and small formats;
+ offset printing – for small and average formats but large outlays
We can even make a print order for You just for one poster. There is no amount that could be a problem for us. ☺
Solvent boards can be protected with a matt or gloss laminate.
For our clients we also provide support in the preparation of an appropriate graphic poster design. We can also make a complete graphic design for you so that it would be effective and efficient. Designing, printing and delivering posters is a compre-hensive service that will help you to save some time.

Sample prices (net):
+ digital printing (min. order PLN 30):
A4 – 2 zl/ piece
A3 – 4 zl/ piece

+ solvent printing
A1: 15 zl/piece
B1: 20 zl/piece

+ offset printing:
A3 (130g) 2000 pieces – 500 zl
A2 (130g) 2000 pieces – 1000 zl

Prices change – depending on the outlay and format

If you wish to send us a specific inquiry for individual calculations, please send it to:

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